Friday, July 22, 2011

Good Bye Marlboro Country

Today we welcome new follower, Teri. Thanks for joining our blog and we appreciate your support.

This morning we left our cousins' ranch behind and headed for northern Montana. Already we miss this special part of Montana. We felt comfortable as soon as we drove down the bumpy gravel driveway and saw Tom waving to us! It was a great two-week visit full of sightseeing, morning picnics, family dinners, birthday celebrations, kittens, chickens, E-bay and firearms lessons and most of all renewing our family ties. Thank you all for a very special visit! Why did we leave? 'guess the road just keeps calling to us!!

There are lots of outbuildings and peeling paint on this old ranch.

What a great homemade bench to relax and enjoy the view.

The house is newer than the farm buildings. It has beautiful pastoral and mountain views from east to west.

Tom's Cottonwood Trail, just outside our RV window.

Martha had her very first firearms experience here in Montana. She didn't waste her time with a little popgun .22, choosing to take her first shots with my dad's Colt 38, though cringing a bit in this photo. Later she fired Tom's 9mm auto as well. Firearms out here are as they should be; no big deal. If you're off to the foot hills, you just strap on a side arm for good measure, because you really could come face to face with a bear.

Great views here on the ranch, Montana is after all, big sky country!

We called it home for two weeks.

No family get together is complete without the obligatory family snapshot. Martha and I joined our cousins, Tom and Rhonda, and 3 of their lovely children for this home-on-the-range snapshot.

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