Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Perfect Bread, Finally!

I have baked three loaves of bread since we got to Arizona and all three have been a flop, literally. Every loaf looked great until last hour, when for no apparent reason they caved in like a planet being sucked into a black hole. After the first disaster, I made the recommended high altitude changes to recipe, and what did get? A sink hole that resembled a bomb crater. On the third attempt I thought maybe you can't make bread in an RV because of the constant motion, even while parked. Despite all efforts to not slam doors, walk softly and stay outside, the third loaf also fell like the price of Enron's stock in 2002.

This morning, as I contemplated my 4th attempt, I realized I had used up all the flour we had brought with us from Connecticut. Good I thought, maybe some new supplies will change things. Look what I found when I went shopping: HIGH ALTITUDE FLOUR! You won't find this stuff in New England!

Look at that, a nice, fully risen loaf of whole wheat bread.


  1. I LOVE good bread.!! Went to Kneadors Bakery in Yuma, picked up a loaf of Asaigo and Rustic Rye.

    Your loaf looks wonderful.. Have never tried a bread machine.


  2. Warm with some honeybutter, oh yea!
    What kind of bread machine do you use? I've been thinking about buying one but before I do, I'd love your recommendation~ Kathy

  3. The bread machine we use is a Oster that will do a 1 1/2 LB. or 2 LB. loaf. When we decided to go full time, it was one of those items we weren't sure we would have room for. I'm glad we kept it because we no longer have a conventional oven due to the combination microwave/convection ovens they put in RVs nowadays. It takes more than 3 hours to make most breads, but it's kind of fun to listen to it knead and whir as it gets the dough ready to bake. I love to to cut the first crispy slice (heel) off the loaf and cover it with butter while it's still hot right out of the machine.