Monday, June 28, 2010

Candlelight Wheels & Wings Show

On Sunday we decided to go to the Wheels and Wings Show at Candlelight Farms Air Field. Since the TR-8 had been previously cleaned up for pictures and we could save 50% on tickets by attending the show as competitors rather than spectators; we said what the heck.

Our TR-8 was entered in the British car section which contained about 15 English cars. The car showed well but we didn't stick around to see how the judges placed us. I doubt we would have won anything as I do not have the time or desire to detail a car to the degree that is necessary to win in these shows. We just wanted to have a good time and not work a full day in hopes of bringing home a dusty trophy.

The "general" category is often the most interesting at a car show. Here we have a WWII Jeep, a farm tractor and an Airstream motor home.

The firepower this little Jeep carried was impressive. It sports both .30 and .50 caliber mounted machine guns. There's a Thompson machine gun on the hood as well as a rocket launcher, M16 and hand grenades. The owner fired blanks in the .30 caliber from time to time. This was definitely a crowd pleaser!

This 33 year old Airstream has everything you would find in a modern RV. Nice layout and a full bath as well.

What a gorgeous setting! Acres and acres of mowed grass and a body of water at the end of the runway. It looks like a scene from the early twentieth century. You can have a ride for about $45.

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