Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Slammed by a Second Snow Storm

Well I guess Sunday's storm was just a warm up for the main event. This morning we woke up to 6" of fresh snow and it is still coming down. Actually it is changing over to freezing rain now. That will make it worse when the temperature drops this evening.
I don't think I would buy a snowblower ever again. They only work about half the time. Mine started right up after sitting for 8 months but could not handle the wet heavy snow. With the machine running the snow just piled up in front of it until it was so compacted the machine would stop dead in its tracks. I ran it up and down the driveway repeatedly only to end up with a job poorly done. We will have to finish with shovels.

2:00 PM Update

Apparently our road, which is a dead end, has been blocked for several hours. A 53' tractor trailer tried to drive on our narrow steep lake roads and got stuck. The driver then tried to back out only to jack knife the trailer and make things worse. I realized something was going on when I saw a humongous wrecker drive by and then saw the State Trooper up at the corner. Who needs to watch the news?

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